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Construction Projects - Preconstruction Planning and Preliminaries Review
Many contractors and developers make mistakes right from the start of a project by incorrectly planning their building strategy, including preliminaries, which has a negative effect on profitability. We therefore, help you to place your cranes, hoists and loading bays correctly. We can design an appropriate project office with all the required facilities bespoke for each project with all the essentials that you need. We design your site’s temporary services, including temporary water, electricity, and even fire exit plans. We also write realistic bespoke programmes for your project, taking into account all construction and logistics constraints.
Construction Management
and Change Management
Some construction projects have only minimal, and sometimes unprofessional resources available for their management. Vision Success can support your team, or help to review it, and provide solutions for successful delivery. We will help you to improve H&S standards and the project’s presentation, which is crucial to the reputation of your business.

If your team are performing poorly, our review service provides solutions to address any issues that arise. If your team does not perform well, or is blamed for slow delivery, affected by poor decision making by the main contractor or Senior Management Team and you need an advisor, don’t hesitate to contact us for an independent review. We pinpoint the areas where team performance is compromised, including with Senior Management and provide solutions to deliver a successful project.
Design Management
We work with recommended architects, including M&E designers, or work with and manage our client’s own consultants. Our team review the design for easier delivery and value engineering. We chair, or observe design meetings to ensure that all critical points are discussed and closed out. We make sure that all technical issues are correctly coordinated with the design team and other parties.
Quality Management
At Vision Success we draw on our extensive experience to set up a bespoke quality management plan for your project. Our team will monitor the quality plan along with important sign-off points to ensure that all construction stages are checked, comply with the specifications, and are signed off. At the same time, we review your team’s competence and provide solutions for smoother delivery of your project.
Procurement, Supply Chain Management
and Contract Administration
We have an experienced team of Quantity Surveyors to manage the entire subcontractor tender process for your project. We can carry out any stage of the tender process for you ranging from selection, preparation of tender documents, scope of works, addendums, cost comparisons and final reporting. Our broad experience in the residential sector allows our team to create bespoke scope of works to ensure that there are no gaps in the contracts. We will also coordinate the design information, review the progress of the work against the contract programme and prepare reports for the client summarising the current position of cost and programme. We will notify the contractor of any defects. We can propose our recommended subcontractors in all fields so that our clients can trust that the right team is delivering their project.
Programme development
and build strategy
Our team of experienced project managers/directors and planners can produce detailed construction programmes to suit any element of your project.

We can also provide written methodology documents that demonstrate to the client your detailed understanding of the planned sequence of build for any type of project.

When the build strategy is agreed with the client, our team can provide a bespoke programme written using special software, for example, – Asta Powerproject. We then provide weekly drop lines showing the progress of all project areas along with comments on critical areas for improvement, which we can address directly with the team on the client’s behalf.
Project Team Management and Monitoring
Project monitoring is crucial to the interests of investors and developers, ensuring the final product is delivered to meet the client’s specifications. It involves the assessment of the progress and quality of a construction project. We monitor and advise on costs, programmes, quality, and health and Safety. Our team then reports back to the client on these areas by providing weekly updates with programme drop lines, advising about team performance, and providing solutions to improve all processes.

Our responsibilities include the following:
  • Chairing the weekly / monthly project meetings to set up and prioritise actions
  • Reviewing materials and labour resources to ensure progress
  • Reviewing the management team to clarify roles and responsibilities
  • Conducting team performance reports and providing solutions for improvement
  • Weekly progress drop lines
  • Weekly goals and agreed actions
  • Writing weekly/monthly reports
  • Checking H&S standards and presentation
Cladding Remedial Works
A specialist team advises on and manages all cladding works from identifying non-compliant materials to testing and replacing them to comply with British Standards. We manage all design processes and project management on site until final completion and receipt of the ESW1 certificate. We offer the following:
  • Full client building review.
  • Management of risk assessment.
  • Coordinating architects, fire engineers and contractors to collaborate on intrusive investigations.
  • Assessments of all recorded information.
  • Complete project and cost management of replacement works from tender to completion.
  • Legal assistance throughout the claim process.
Legal assistance throughout the claim process
Project Risk Management
We help you identify all risk associated items in your project and write a plan to mitigate them and deliver the project successfully. Additionally, our team monitors progress weekly or monthly to ensure that the project is not delayed and that it is adequately reported to the client.
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