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Vision Success offers the full range of Cost Management services. We work with Architects, Builders, Subcontractors and Property Developers.

By outsourcing to us we can increase your tenders, bids and quotes so you win more work and grow your business without the need to employ additional staff.

We can save your business up to 50% on your current estimating and tendering costs.

All information is prepared in accordance with the RICS new rules of measurement or any template specific to your business.

We assign a dedicated manager to your project to ensure effective communication and delivery of your project. If you are not happy with any of the work, we review and re do, no questions asked.

Please contact us today for a free quotation.

Quantities Take Off
Our team of quantity surveyors use the latest drawing measurement software to take off accurate quantities from tender drawings. The information can be presented in accordance with the RICS New Rules of Measurement, or any format specific to your company’s needs, along with marked up drawings to clearly demonstrate the accuracy of the take off. This allows contractors to accurately price and tender for any specific element of a construction project.
Cost Estimates and Quotations

Following the detailed take off, we can apply known or supplied rates to formulate pricing for any specific element of construction work. Our team will prepare a detailed estimate and quotation ready for submission to the client in any format specific to your company’s needs. We work with both small, medium and large subcontractors to increase their ability to win more tenders.

BoQ (Bill of Quantities)
We are experienced in preparing detailed take offs in accordance with the RICS New Rules of Measurement to produce accurate Bills of Quantities. This information allows for competitive pricing by tendering contractors and ease of subsequent comparison, reporting and final subcontractor selection and contract award for any type of construction project.
As Built Drawings
We use the latest software to produce high quality, clear and accurate records of existing building conditions. We have experience of various projects ranging from commercial and residential buildings to government and education facilities and all drawings are prepared to the highest quality drafting standards.
Subcontractor Procurement
Our team of quantity surveyors can implement and manage the subcontractor tender procurement process for your project. We advise on procurement route, pre-qualification of tenders, financial due diligence checks, preparation of tender documents, cost comparisons, recommendation reports and contract formation to ensure the correct contractors are appointed to your project.
Cost planning
It is important to understand the financial implications of your project from the outset. Our team can provide the full range of cost planning services from initial feasibility studies right through to pre-construction estimates, so you can rest assured you are well informed of the budget throughout the pre-construction phase of your project and eliminate the risk of costly re design fees.
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